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John Cole meeting report

Adobe software raffle winner February 2013

Adobe software raffle winner Than Komianos, February 2013, with John Cole

First of all, congratulations to Than Komianos, the Flash User Group raffle winner, who won a copy of Production Premium worth $2,100.

And a huge thank you to our speaker, John Cole, Digital Media Manager for Adobe, Northern Europe. In the nostalgic setting of the Main Lecture Theatre at Oxford Brookes University, he gave us a concise overview of Adobe’s engagement with HTML5, both in the creation of standards and in the development of tools for developers.  Check out html.adobe.com for details of Adobe’s work.

John Cole lecturingAs an intro to HTML5, John recommended Rich Clark’s developer guide in .net magazine.

John ran through demos of CSS Regions and CSS Shaders, especially as now implemented in Chrome Canary. Take a look at CSS Shaders demos on github.

For developers, we looked at the Edge tools Adobe ships with Creative Cloud – Animate and Reflow in particular detail, with a passing nod to Code, Inspect, and Muse, simply due to time constraints. You can get Edge Reflow for free right now if you’ve signed up with an Adobe ID (it’s free!).

Remember the Olympics App from the BBC, or the new BBC Sport App? They were both developed using Adobe Edge. Nice.

If you were there, thanks for coming, and see you next month for our meeting back at the regular venue, Film Oxford, on Thursday 21 March, speaker as yet unconfirmed.

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CS6 launch event review, Adobe Creative Week and September

We had a great evening at Headington Hill Hall with comrades in arms, the Production Premium group and the Flash group. 46 of us filled the room to listen to Iona Walters presentation on Production Premium CS6 features, and Richard Curtis‘ Photoshop presentation. Great to see so many new faces, and thanks to Richard and Iona for travelling out to see us – it was much appreciated.
Gem de Silva was the lucky winner of a copy of Adobe Production Premium CS6.

July 9 – 13th is Adobe’s  first ever UK Creative Week.

Adobe Creative Week

It’s all online, with interactive debates, lively discussions and in-depth demonstrations broadcast live online.
With creative luminaries, tech experts and special guests we’ll be discussing where the creative industries are heading – and who’s in danger of getting left behind.
You can dip in and dip out whenever you want – just make sure you don’t miss out!  Keep up to date here.

We’re off for the summer, but back on September 20th for our first meeting of the autumn. Watch this space for news of speaker/topic, sign up for our mailing list and RSVP and check out past meeting attendees at: http://www.meetup.com/Digital-Creatives-Oxford/

Second ODUG meeting report

Alun gave a quick presentation on Spry, and how to use it in Dreamweaver to create a picture gallery web app. John won the $2,000 software raffle, congratulations John, and very kindly donated it to OFVM, our generous hosts.

Here are the notes from the presentation.

Q. Where to get Spry?

It comes with Dreamweaver CS3, as Spry version 1.4

A. http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/spry/

Updated to 1.6.1 prerelease 25 Feb 2008, supports AIR

Download the framework, which includes examples and documentation, or just download the updater for Dreamweaver CS3

Adobe Spry home page with demos and examples.

Adobe online tutorial:

www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/spry_photo_album.html by Dan Booth, Adobe

This includes the data framework, sample photos and XML data file.

Lynda.com online video tutorials (not free)

Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS Essential Training by James Williamson (502)

(Chapter 11 is focused on Spry)

More advanced: Dreamweaver CS3 Projects: Creating Custom Spry Widgets with James Williamson (589)

Some sample AJAX (dynamic javascript) examples, which could be used for a photo gallery:

Don’t forget, the next meeting is on 1 October 2008sign up for the event,  this will be a special Adobe launch edition.

First meeting report

Last night’s meeting was a simple introduction to the Dreamweaver group to prospective members, mainly explaining the benefits of Adobe User Groups. Many thanks to those who made it, and stuck with us all the way through from the Flash session to the end!
Alun ran through a quick overview of Dreamweaver CS4, a free beta of which is available from the Adobe site.
The beta is free until launch for registered owners of Dreamweaver CS3.
Adobe Media Player IconWe walked through a couple of the videos Adobe have provided, explaining some of the new features in CS4 : Live View, Related Files, and Live Code.
These videos can be viewed either on the Adobe TV web site, or by installing the Adobe Media Player and browsing for the DreamLabs channel. Go straight to the first in the series of six videos: Related Files, and carry on browsing the TV site to view the rest.
In passing, Alun talked about the YUI (pronounced Why-You-I) Code Library, which you can find at http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/
and Adobe’s own AJAX framework, Spry.
We talked a bit about possible topics for future sessions, and these included web accessibility, Spry and AIR – which would integrate well with the Flash User Group’s interests. We’re also probably going to be able to cover Photoshop and Illustrator, so designers and pencil-pushers don’t feel left out!
Next meeting is September 3rd.