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Last night’s talk – and offer

Many many thanks to Paul Forsey for a great talk on panoramic photography and for bringing all that great kit.

Paul’s web site is at www.stepintothepicture.co.uk
You can see some of his panoramas here.

Paul talked us through the complete process, from building your own tripod head to taking the photos, to using RealViz Stitcher Pro (Mac or PC).

I think Autodesk (makers of 3DSMax) have taken over the software, and seem to sell it as Stitcher Unlimited online for £300.

Paul did mention Adobe Photoshop‘s built in Photomerge option, but in CS3 it’s doesn’t give brilliant results. However, the upgraded CS4 Photoshop has been partly promoted on the back of enhancements to its built-in stitching app, so somebody should give it a try! Here’s the help, so get stitching if you’ve got CS4 and let us know how you get on. We can post results here.

As an extra incentive, if you do send us a panoramic photo, whether created in Flash, Stitcher, or CS4 alone, you’ll get an extra credit towards the next software raffle.

John (from Flash Oxford, hello!) then talked us through a couple of add-on apps for Flash which could achieve similar results. Paul’s panoramas require Quick Time to display, and apparently fewer people on PC have QT installed than the Flash Player. And I’m not paid to say that either.

Next month’s meeting is on Tuesday March 24th, so note the change of weekday. It’ll involve a talk about 3d Flash, so again, check here or the Flash Oxford web site for more details soon.


Next meeting – 4th February

Paul Forsey will provide a brief overview of taking and making 360 degree panoramic photographs using a digital still camera, Adobe Photoshop and Realviz panoramic software. This will include an introduction to field technique, organizing your workspace and the kind of equipment required for successful hardcopy and online applications. Paul Forsey is an artist/designer based in West Berkshire.

Following this theme, John Twycross from Live Pictures will take a look at how to use panoramic photographs in Flash. He will conduct a review of both the “360g Flash Panorama” and “FlashPanos” open source engines for Flash. There will also be a brief round up of commercial flash extensions that are available.

Venue: OFVM – Film Oxford, 54 Catherine St, Oxford, OX4 3AH

Location:  http://tiny.cc/ghNTd

Come along, it’s always free! 7.30pm at OFVM.