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This Thursday’s meetup

Thursday 16 May

Free event at Film Oxford sees a takeover by Oxford Hackspace. Neil C Smith showcases the latest version of his Praxis software for live events, and other members of Oxford Hackspace show their wares.

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Richard Grant talk postponed.

Q: How to replace a defunct 1970s laser show that for years had dazzled cinema goers in screen 1 @ Leicester square…? A: Use one of the largest projection surfaces and most modern projectors in London. A laptop and some rather funky reactive software and go from there. A unique project using the latest software and digital technology. Visit “projects” www.rgproduct.com for more. http://rgproduct.com/?page_id=285

Oxford Hackspace – Oxford Hackspace aims to be an accessible community workshop in Oxford, UK, open to all and supporting initiative, learning, creativity and the social good in all of its best forms.

Formally founded in March, and in the process of securing its first permanent space, come and find out how to get involved.  There will be a short introduction and some discussion of what current members are already up to – including an interactive plasma display to demonstrate control of a fusion reactor.

Praxis LIVE – Praxis LIVE is an open-source, graphical environment for rapid development of intermedia performance tools, projections and interactive spaces; developed by Oxford artist & technologist Neil C Smith.  Neil first introduced Praxis LIVE very early in its development in 2011.  Find out the current status of the project, some of its new features, and its use in recent interactive projects by Digital Prisoners (with Naomi Morris).  Will include a demonstration of live-coded OpenGL video effects and bindings to TinkerForge (http://www.tinkerforge.com).

Cost: Free
Time: 7:30 – 9:00pm then the Rusty Bicycle for a chat
Venue: Film Oxford
54 Catherine Street, Oxford, OX4 3AH

Save the date: May 17th – SoundCloud night and April 19th report

Thanks to those turning out in miserable but essential rainy conditions last night. Here’s a summary of what you heard or what you missed.

Alun demo-ed the Photoshop CS6 beta (available on Adobe Labs). We all particularly liked the (optional) black interface 🙂 Alun’s particularly slow Windows laptop showcased the improvements in performance in CS6 when using filters. For more info watch the Adobe videos:

CS6 announcement, Monday April 24th 4pm – watch it online here.

Glenn Clarkson presented Creative Cloud news  – more to follow, but check the announcement on Tuesday, and the AdobeCreate site. Adobe’s YouTube channel has lots of answers too.

Dariusz Dziala talked us through some of the forthcoming changes and improvements in After Effects CS6 and Premiere Pro CS6.

Jim Gwilliam - Flash walk cycle

Jim Gwilliam - Flash walk cycle

Jim Gwilliam, our main speaker, gave a great hands-on, demo of a Flash walk cycle animation. We’ll post Jim’s Flash source files shortly so you get started with your own walk cycle animation – an essential in any animator’s toolkit. Thanks Jim!

SoundCloudNext month, heads up, as it’s SoundClouds Global Meetup Day on May 17th. we’re inviting (via Meetup) any local SoundCloud fans, offering some SoundCloud swag and a chance to produce sounds and post them online.

Post your sounds to the Soundcloud Dropbox group here:

Send us your sounds

Exact plans are still being discussed, but save the date and practice your sounds daily. For now, you can RSVP on the MeetUp site.