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John Cole meeting report

Adobe software raffle winner February 2013

Adobe software raffle winner Than Komianos, February 2013, with John Cole

First of all, congratulations to Than Komianos, the Flash User Group raffle winner, who won a copy of Production Premium worth $2,100.

And a huge thank you to our speaker, John Cole, Digital Media Manager for Adobe, Northern Europe. In the nostalgic setting of the Main Lecture Theatre at Oxford Brookes University, he gave us a concise overview of Adobe’s engagement with HTML5, both in the creation of standards and in the development of tools for developers.  Check out html.adobe.com for details of Adobe’s work.

John Cole lecturingAs an intro to HTML5, John recommended Rich Clark’s developer guide in .net magazine.

John ran through demos of CSS Regions and CSS Shaders, especially as now implemented in Chrome Canary. Take a look at CSS Shaders demos on github.

For developers, we looked at the Edge tools Adobe ships with Creative Cloud – Animate and Reflow in particular detail, with a passing nod to Code, Inspect, and Muse, simply due to time constraints. You can get Edge Reflow for free right now if you’ve signed up with an Adobe ID (it’s free!).

Remember the Olympics App from the BBC, or the new BBC Sport App? They were both developed using Adobe Edge. Nice.

If you were there, thanks for coming, and see you next month for our meeting back at the regular venue, Film Oxford, on Thursday 21 March, speaker as yet unconfirmed.

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21 February meeting – John Cole – Adobe, HTML5 and Flash

Well, Happy New Year finally! We’re up and running for 2013 on Thursday 21 February (yes, meetings are still on Third Thursdays)

The John Cole Lecture

The HTML 5 standard has been embraced for its ability to add complex interaction, videos and animations to web pages without the need for plugins. This allows web browsers to natively support rich media that was previously only possible by utilizing Flash or similar technologies. How are developers, designers and animators reacting to this and what tools are available to fill the gap.

John Cole, Digital Media Manager at Adobe Systems UK, discusses the impact of the new standard on their productivity tools. He has been responsible for various web design and development roles. Currently he is responsible for digital media across Northern Europe and works out of Adobe’s UK headquarters at Maidenhead.

We ask him what is the future of Flash? Why is it still a primary choice for online games and media players? How does Adobe’s new product Edge provide a rich media solution? and what should we expect of this in the future?

Join us for a lively debate, a demonstration of Adobe Edge, other Adobe HTML 5 solutions and if that’s not enough a chance to win thousands of dollars worth of Adobe software.

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John Cole

About John Cole

John is Adobe’s Digital Media Manager, Northern Europe, based in Maidenhead UK, where he’s worked for the last three years. John’s background is over 15 years in various web design and development roles and has worked for a number of leaders in web application development and web content management solutions. Previous to his role at Adobe John was working for Autonomy where he led the pre-sales efforts for their Web Experience Management solutions in the UK.

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Cost: Free
Venue: Main Lecture Theatre
Oxford Brookes University
Gipsy Lane
How to find the Gipsy Lane Campus: http://www.brookes.ac.uk/about/findus/index_html

We’re finding out about parking and will let you know, but as ever in Oxford, if you can bus it, bike it or walk it, all the better. We’ll also post more details about how to get to the Lecture Theatre later.

Last night’s session

Many thanks to Lesley Clarkson for her smart Illustrator presentation. Just a reminder that if you’ve got a project you’re working on where you’ve picked up some handy tips, please do think about telling the rest of us, it might take 5 minutes, it might take 15, but it’s good to share.

Thanks to Tim for sharing news from Flash on the Beach. There’s that sharing thing again.

Some sites to follow up on after last night:

Do a google search for HTML5 experiments or demos (prize for the person who gets the highest number of returns for the phrase ‘Flash killer‘!)

Keep your eyes peeled for news of our next session, which should be during the last two weeks of October.

And, as always, if there’s someone you’d really like to hear speak or present that you’ve heard of (and they’re fairly local), let us know and we can send them an invite.

Keep watching the screen!

September 30th meeting – FOTB feedback

Yep, Thursday 30th September is our next meeting, and as predicted, it’ll consist of a summary of the stuff we saw and learned at the Flash on the Beach conference in Brighton earlier this week.

Lesley Clarkson will talk about how she used Adobe Illustrator in a client project recently.

Alun Ward will re-present Lee Brimelow’s session from FOTB on the new Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 add-on pack.

We’ll also look at the work of Robert Hodgin who gave an outstanding presentation at FOTB.

Check out his stunning animations at:

http://www.flight404.com/blog/ and http://roberthodgin.com/

Here’s a sample:

Bait ball from flight404 on Vimeo.

John and Tim from the Flash Group will then fill us in as to what all those developers at FOTB were actually talking about! Possibly.

See you Thursday night, 7.30pm at OFVM- free!