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Digital Creatives Oxford + DW and JQuery

Oh yes, we’re renaming to Digital Creatives Oxford, which is a little bit less restrictive than having Dreamweaver in the name. Don’t worry we’ll still deal with Dreamweaver, and we’re still an Adobe User Group.

And just to prove that point, here’s a link to a new Adobe blog post and JQuery support in Dreamweaver and at Adobe. Subscribe to Dreamweaver Tweets.

Don’t forget, next Thursday we have filmmaker Iona Fabian coming to talk to us about stop motion animation. 7:30pm, at OFVM.

September 30th meeting – FOTB feedback

Yep, Thursday 30th September is our next meeting, and as predicted, it’ll consist of a summary of the stuff we saw and learned at the Flash on the Beach conference in Brighton earlier this week.

Lesley Clarkson will talk about how she used Adobe Illustrator in a client project recently.

Alun Ward will re-present Lee Brimelow’s session from FOTB on the new Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 add-on pack.

We’ll also look at the work of Robert Hodgin who gave an outstanding presentation at FOTB.

Check out his stunning animations at:

http://www.flight404.com/blog/ and http://roberthodgin.com/

Here’s a sample:

Bait ball from flight404 on Vimeo.

John and Tim from the Flash Group will then fill us in as to what all those developers at FOTB were actually talking about! Possibly.

See you Thursday night, 7.30pm at OFVM- free!

First meeting report

Last night’s meeting was a simple introduction to the Dreamweaver group to prospective members, mainly explaining the benefits of Adobe User Groups. Many thanks to those who made it, and stuck with us all the way through from the Flash session to the end!
Alun ran through a quick overview of Dreamweaver CS4, a free beta of which is available from the Adobe site.
The beta is free until launch for registered owners of Dreamweaver CS3.
Adobe Media Player IconWe walked through a couple of the videos Adobe have provided, explaining some of the new features in CS4 : Live View, Related Files, and Live Code.
These videos can be viewed either on the Adobe TV web site, or by installing the Adobe Media Player and browsing for the DreamLabs channel. Go straight to the first in the series of six videos: Related Files, and carry on browsing the TV site to view the rest.
In passing, Alun talked about the YUI (pronounced Why-You-I) Code Library, which you can find at http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/
and Adobe’s own AJAX framework, Spry.
We talked a bit about possible topics for future sessions, and these included web accessibility, Spry and AIR – which would integrate well with the Flash User Group’s interests. We’re also probably going to be able to cover Photoshop and Illustrator, so designers and pencil-pushers don’t feel left out!
Next meeting is September 3rd.