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Autumn season: first meeting this Thursday!

After a sport-fuelled lengthy summer break, the Adobe groups are back.

Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Film Oxford (previously OFVM)
54 Catherine Street, Oxford, OX4 3AH

Alun Ward: welcome, summary of things, invitations to speak and Adobe news. (10-15 mins)
Pine cone audio – a short presentation on how to make cut up pine cones, stick speakers inside them, and make them sing. An insight into part of the process of creating work for an audio installation. (15 mins)

Video-designer Dariusz Dziala – talk on making an animated DNA chain using After Effects CS6 Ray-traced 3D engine. The animation is a part of the design he made for “The Softening of MAO-A” performance, which was shown during the Edinburgh Fringe this year. The Ray traced 3d engine is a  new feature in After effects, and for people who use AE on a daily basis, they will be pleased with this for sure! (around 30mins)

…and as one of our occasional escapes from computers!

Introduction to make-up effects with Ani Dee. Ani is a professional make-up artist and SFX designer working in TV and Film, anything from ageing effects, a gashed cheek or rabid zombie. She will be talking about her work and giving a demo. (around 30mins)

General chat time – some of us also move on to the Rusty Bicycle pub.

See you on Thursday night.


November 17th meeting

Next meeting exact agenda to be confirmed,but here’s a rough outline:

1) News from Adobe. There is news!

2) “Demystifying the camera” with Dariusz which will show how cameras are built, how they work, all the vocabulary related to the subject – both in the real world and in software applications (i.e. After Effects). There are a number of plugins in AE, Photoshop which use camera features (motion blur, lens blur, distortions etc.)

3) Alun’s Android App – Part Two

4) Peter Jones: What’s slitscan good for?

I will describe my personal journey into developing an effect I called Timemorphing and how I eventually discovered it was a form of slitscan. By using After Effects I will describe how to create a slitscan and show a variety of different effects that can be achieved. Than looking at the weird world of slitscan we will then discuss What’s slitscan good for.

Day: Thursday 17th November
Time: 7:30 pm.
Where: OFVM Film Oxford, 54 Catherine Street, Oxford, OX4 3AH

How much: Free
For whom: anyone interested in networking with other digital creatives in Oxfordshire

And the next date for your diary: Thursday 15th December – all three groups meet up for final meeting of the year, in a pub in Oxford city centre. More soon!


App meeting notes

Dariusz and Alun holding forthA good turnout to the meeting last night – thanks all for turning out and not even receiving an Adobe pen in return!

Dariusz led us off with a demo of some apps for use by filmmakers, mostly for his swanky Samsung phone which even connects to the project, ooh.

This led on to the news of Adobe’s new Touch Apps family, mostly concerned with tablet use where you can really use your finger to paint, prototype etc. Adobe’s catching up here a bit, as there are plenty of sketching tools around, most notably for me Autodesk’s fantastic Sketchbook Mobile. Get it!

A brief mention of Adobe Edge – After Effects edging into the world of HTML/CSS ! Download the prerelease free now.

Alun then talked through his experiences trying to get an app going for Android. Notes to this, with links to most of the software and help mentioned are now up on Google Docs. Warning – this is very shorthand!  This was part One of a series, next month I’ll be back with a bit more on how to make your HTML/CSS (Hybrid) App take advantage of the device. I like taking advantage of devices.

Richard Roaf and After EffectsRichard Roaf then finished us off with a great talk on using cameras within After Effects for some neat effects. Here are the links to videos he demoed.

Ecodemia Video

Global Action Plan Video


Army Photos

Smart Car Against Dumb

Image Sources
Creative Commons Images
Free Icons

Video Tutorial Websites
Video Co-pilot
Creative Cow
AE Tuts

Adobe Edge, essential apps for creatives and 3D in After Effects

Meeting alert!

Our next meeting is at 7:30pm on Thursday 20th October at OFVM, 54 Catherine Street, Oxford.

It’s free, as usual, and we have a packed evening with:

  • A short demo on Adobe Edge from Glenn Clarkson

Download the Preview at

  • A newbie’s guide to creating an Android app using Adobe and not using Adobe with Alun Ward. Also, news about Adobe Muse and the Adobe Touch Apps. Is that enough Adobe for ya’?


  • A review of smartphone apps which can make video production easier and a practical presentation of chosen Android and iPhone apps from Dariusz Dziala.
  • 3D Motion Graphics in After Effects with Richard Roaf

Richard Roaf will talk about how to create a motion graphics project with Photoshop and After Effects and use the 3D function and camera function to create the appearance of 3D.

  • A pint of Shires at the Rusty Bicycle.

Go on, like us and RSVP at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=220065281383182

Premiere and Post on FB: www.facebook.com/groups/premiereandpostoxford/

CS5.5 meeting this Thursday

Day: Thursday 19 May (this Thursday)
Time: 7:30 pm.
Where: OFVM Film Oxford, 54 Catherine Street, Oxford, OX4 3AH http://bit.ly/ofvm-loco
How much: Free
For whom: anyone interested in networking with other digital creatives in Oxfordshire

Drinks at the Rusty Bicycle afterwards.

1. A look at the newly released Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 with Alun & Glenn. What’s new in Dreamweaver, Fireworks, In Design plus a quick scan of Flash updates, and did somebody say Audition? This release is all about mobile and devices.

2. The Premiere and Post Adobe User Group hosts Phillip Hind (director of the ultimate survivor) on using Magic Bullet Suite with Premiere and After Effects.

3. Raffle! Yes, come along for your chance to win $2,100 worth of Adobe software. The more times you’ve attended one of our group meetings, the more chance you have of winning the prize. This prize buys you a copy of one of the bundles – CS5.5 Production Premium etc.

Oh, and another thing:

4. There’s still time to come forward with your offering for our Adventures in Meat Space in June. 10 to 15 minutes of fame presenting your gorgeous digital / real world project. Are you working in dance, performance, art or music and crossing the borders into digital? Tell us what you’re up to, or even better, just show us and let us all chat about it afterwards. Everyone who performs or talks gets an extra credit in the next software giveaway.

Upcoming Adobe Group dates:

Thursday 16th June – Adventures in Meat Space

Thursday 21st July – The Brothers McLeod – top animators

Flash Oxford
Our Brethren and Sisters, Flash Oxford are meeting on  Wednesday 18th May, 7:30 – 9:00 pm at Far From the Madding Crowd, 10-12 Friars Entry, Oxford, OX1 2BY. Join them for an informal chat over a pint.


After Effects Expressions with Dariusz Dziala

This Thursday the Adobe Groups bring you Dariusz Dziala talking about After Effects Expressions at OFVM Film Oxford.

He says: Expressions help to simplify post-production work in After Effects by replacing big numbers of keyframes with short lines of code. Expressions can be applied to object properties for example they can be applied to position, scale, opacity, rotation of layer, text, mask, light, camera. They can also be applied to any animatable property of effects.

The code used is simple and easy to learn or find. After Effects offers a lot of pre-defined expressions for different purposes.

Dariusz will use some of his  video work to illustrate how he use expressions to work faster and how to use expressions in a creative way. The video is on his website if you want to have a preview (www.dariusz.tv),

The expressions in his video  are used to synchronise music with video properties (position, scale etc.) and other visual effects (hue, saturation, brightness etc). The aim is to improve the dynamics of the visuals and to give more punch to the overall feel about it.

When: Thursday 17th March
What time: 7:30pm (we usually finish up by 9:30pm with an optional trip to the pub)
Where: OFVM Film Oxford, 54 Catherine Street, Oxford, OX4 3AH
How much: Free free free
Dress code: Spring season

Call for speakers / performers
Advance notice of our June meeting – are you operating in the fuzzy space between art and programming? Do you want to perform (with clothes on) in front of an audience for about ten minutes? We’re open to offers for our June event entitled ‘Adventures in Meat Space’ which already stars Neil C Smith demonstrating his modular framework for live creative play: Praxis.