Meeting Report: Creative Cloud Event

Our November meeting saw a welcome return of Niels Stevens and Richard Curtis from Adobe for a Creative Cloud Event; a whistle-stop tour of what’s new in ‘Cloud’ for filmmakers and photographers.

Niels Stevens
Niels showed us a pre-release version of Premiere Pro tablet apps. In particular he demonstrated CreativeSync which automatically syncs assets, settings and metadata across desktop, web and mobile apps. A Creative Cloud subscription enables this service across all devices. Niels also demonstrated Morph Cut transition that lets you quickly create seamless talking-head scenes.

After Effects has a new streamlined UI and CreativeSync. Niels showed uninterrupted previews that allow adjustments to a composition’s properties without stopping playback. In development is a character animator that can animate vector based artwork in real time with sound and video inputs.

Premiere Clip – the free app (through iTunes App Store) that allows you to create and edit videos right on iPhone or iPad and send them to Premiere Pro on the desktop for additional refinements.

Richard Curtis
Richard said that Lightroom 6.3 had shipped the previous day (18 November) with additional camera raw and lens profile support and that the Import function had been improved and restored.

Lightroom on mobile app – capture, organize, edit, and share photos on smartphone or tablet. Richard pointed out that using Smart Previews the app can edit everything from smartphone photos to raw images from DSLRs, access those images across devices and automatically sync with Lightroom on the desktop.

Photoshop Fix – a free app (through iTunes App Store) that allows you to liquify, heal, lighten, colour and adjust images and share them across other Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps.

Adobe Slate – a free to use service that works in the browser. The Slate service allows users to write and illustrate a high impact web story without coding. The story is created online and when ready is published as an HTML5 web page on the Adobe Slate portal with a URL allocated for the story.

Raffle winner
Congratulations to Erica Wood who won the raffle prize of a one-year free subscription to Creative Cloud. Time to get even more creative Erica, enjoy!

L-R: Darius DzialaDigital Film Editors User Group co-manager. Richard Curtis, Niels Stevens and winner Erica Wood. John TwycrossDigital Creatives Oxford User Group Manager. Richard DuriezDigital Film Editors User Group Manager.