The Fantastic and the Invisible – Ken Turner on VFX

Our April meeting is The Fantastic and the Invisible – Ken Turner on VFX, at Film Oxford on Thursday 16th April, 7:30pm .

Ken is an award winning VFX supervisor and Animation Director with almost 20 years experience working in TV and Games. He is sometime CG supervisor at Lexhag in london and runs his own business DesignImage.

He will present a range of work from high budget TV BBC dramas to micro budget sci-fi shorts, using a variety of software.(he uses Photoshop almost every day!)

His talk  is a semi technical presentation with ‘how we did it’ VFX shot breakdowns (including the recent Poldark. and Bafta winning “the Fades” ). He will cover a range of techniques: matte painting, invisible mending, creatures, motion graphics, and more. Plus introduce Blackmagic’s (free) compositing software Fusion.

There will be time for questions including tips for you’re planning a  VFX or animation project.

Work done on current TV series –  Poldark

Also from the “The Paradise”


Joint meeting with Digital Film Editors Oxford