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Media courses for 2015

Media courses that you may be interested in are now signing up for early 2015, Short and weekend courses; 1-week, 5-week, 8-week and 10-week courses. Click on the links in the listing headings to get full details of the course.

Short and weekend courses

Smart Styling for the Web
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and client-side scripts have transformed the look of the Web. This intermediate course in Web Design and Development takes visual form and actions to greater depth. It provides hands-on practical knowledge and experience of applying style to the latest standard CSS3 alongside HTML5 and the public JavaScript library jQuery. 24th – 25th January, 9am – 5pm.

Directing Drama for Film and TV
This course, focuses on the principles of directing drama, providing techniques for working with actors, capturing their performances and planning the most sympathetic coverage.
Sat/Sun, 24th-25th January, 10am – 6pm

DSLR Cinematography
This is very much a hands-on interactive workshop, with real-time filming using multiple DSLRs and equipment, with an emphasis on making your footage look ‘cinematic’.
Sat, 31st January, 10.00 am-5.30pm

Festival Screening Course – new*
Don’t get left on the shelf, get your films shown! Aimed at those with a short production ready to submit to festivals. Sunday 1st February, 10-4:30pm

Adobe Premiere Editing
Learn practical editing skills using this leading software package, (suitable for PC and Mac users). Sat/Sun, 7th-8th February, 10am-4:30pm

Introduction to Photoshop
This course introduces digital imaging concepts and techniques using Adobe Photoshop. Sat/Sun, 14th-15th February, 10am – 4pm

Adobe After Effects
This course is a great introduction to leading industry special effects and compositing program. Sat/Sun, 21st-22nd February, 10am – 5pm

Location Sound Workshop
Location Sound workshop focuses on both mixing and recording; it looks at a wide variety of microphones and techniques, and gives the theoretical background you need.
Sat/Sun, 21st-22nd February, 10am – 5pm

Introduction to Digital Video
This enjoyable taster course is a hands-on basic introduction to using digital video cameras and editing. Sat/Sun, 28th February – 1st March, 10:00 – 4:30pm.

Reel Women – Intro Video Production for Women
This course is designed for women wishing to make their first step into video production.
Tues 3rd – Thurs 5th March, 9:30am-2:45pm

HD Camera
A one-day workshop aimed at those who have some experience of semi-pro/pro camcorders, but want to create better images. Sat, 7th March, 10-5:30pm

Lighting Workshop
This course introduces students to the principles of lighting, giving you a better understanding and confidence to deal with different lighting situations. Sun, 8th March, 10-5:15pm

Creative VJ – Make Music for your Eyes!
At the crossroads between DJing, live cinema and the visual arts, VJing is a truly 21st century art form. Thurs/Fri 12th-13th March, 11am-6pm

Introduction to Screenwriting
For those wishing to write their first screenplay or touch up on writing skills.
Sat/Sun, 14th-15th March, 10am-4pm

Film Producing on a Microbudget
This course strips away the mystique of film making and explains in a very practical way how to make and then market your film. Sat/Sun, 21st-22nd March, 10-4:30pm

Stop Motion Animation
Create stop motion animations using different media and techniques, in this creative hands-on workshop. Sat/Sun, 11th – 12th April, 10am – 4pm.

Final Cut Pro X
FCP X can prepare footage for quick, automatic fixes of defects such as camera shake, rolling shutter and colour balance. Sat/Sun, 14th – 15th March, 10am-4.30pm

Responsive Web Design for the mobile web
Responsive Web Design creates websites for visitors equally from the smallest smartphone to the large desktop, without multiple versions of the site. We explore the issues and create websites that adapt to their environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and media queries. In addition we look at displaying only essential content when the viewing environment is limited on a small screen smartphone. 11 – 12 April, 9am – 5pm.

3 Day Video Production Course
This new intro covers the whole process of video production from start to finish; over the 3 days you will produce an advert for a community group. Mon, Tue, Wed, 13th, 14th, 15th April, 9:30 – 2:45pm.

Advanced Javascript
This course takes your knowledge beyond the fundamentals of Javascript and jQuery.
Advanced topics such as closure, scope, module patterns, hoisting, and working with a prototypal language, are introduced. We discuss strategies for managing scope and introduce encapsulation, namespaces, module patterns and closure. Saturday 20th June, 10am – 5pm.

1-week courses

Shooting Break
This introduction to video-making covers the whole process of video production from the initial idea through to a finished film. 1 Week Course, starts 23rd March, 10am- 4.30pm

5-week courses

Shooting Documentaries
In this practical hands-on course students are taught the main principles of Documentary Production before going on to research, develop, schedule and plan a short documentary.
5 week course: 16th February -16th March, 7pm-9:30pm

8-week courses

New Screenwriting Workshop
A bespoke discussion-based follow-up to the Introduction to Screenwriting Course in which more individual attention is given to developing each participant’s project from concept to finished script. 8 weeks course, starts 18th January -15th March 2015, 6:15pm-8:15pm

Shooting Video
Film Oxford’s flagship beginner’s course is designed for those wishing to make their first step into video production. 8 Weeks Evenings and 2 Weekends, starts 3rd February, 7-10pm

10-week courses

Intermediate Web Design and Development
Cascading Style Sheets and client-side scripts have transformed the look of the Web, giving designers and developers outstanding control of website presentation and behaviour. This course follows on from our Introduction to Web Design and Development Course and provides hands-on practical knowledge and direct experience in applying the styling specified in CSS3 alongside HTML5 and the public JavaScript library jQuery.
19 January – 23 March, 5:30pm – 8pm.

Going Further with Javascript
This is a second course on web programming and shows how JavaScript, PHP and MySQL may be used to build attractive, dynamically populated websites. The course reviews key ideas of basic JavaScript and extends knowledge of the language. It ccontinues by introducing PHP and command-line MySQL. The course finishes with an introduction to dynamic window and data exchange – key technologies in the modern Web. 19 January – 23 March, 7pm – 9pm.

Introduction to Dynamic Websites
This introductory course enables students to supplement their skills and experience of website design, offering hands-on practical knowledge of PHP and MySQL and providing experience of designing and building a Content Management System for a website, using a visual artist’s online gallery as the example. 21 January – 25 March, 5:30pm – 8pm.


January meeting

We return to Film Oxford in Catherine Street for the New Year with two new talks and demonstrations. Thursday 15th January, 7:30pm.

Becoming a Google Business View Photographer by Guy Henstock

googleTrustedGuy will be speaking about Google Business View and his experience of becoming a Google Trusted Photographer, the steps required, the equipment necessary, the process of a shoot, the tools used to create a tour and the strict rules that Google impose.  He will also demonstrate how a tour can be imbedded in a website and his own Adobe Edge Animate solution for embedding multiple tours.


Creating a title sequence using After Effects and Photoshop by Sathya Vijayendran

Sathya-VijayendranSathya is a video editor and shooter and motion graphics designer recently relocated from the USA, previous clients range from small companies to conglomerates in public relations, marketing and advertising such as L’Oréal, Microsoft, Google, Pfizer, 1-800-Flowers, Edelman and MWW Group.

He has recently released his comedy web series, “Robby’s Guide To Picking Up Chicks”, a parody on the dating show, which he wrote, directed, filmed, and edited. He will show the title sequence and do a walkthrough of the steps of creating it in Photoshop and After Effects. Sathya’s vimeo channel

Christmas drinks – 11th December

We have brought forward our usual meeting date by one week for December so that we can meet for drinks before the busy Christmas period really gets underway.

Thursday 11th December, 7:30pm at The Royal Blenheim, 13 St Ebbes, Oxford, OX1 1PT.

The staff and members of our sponsors Film Oxford will be joining us. A totally social evening, we hope that you can come.

The Royal Blenheim
The pub has 10 hand pumps for real ales from White Horse brewery plus a variety of guest ales.