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Meeting Report: Portfolio Show-off Night

Last night’s “Portfolio Show-off Night” proved to be a great event with 14 creatives showing  portfolios across the whole spectrum, from film making to web design, print design to photography, curator, poet and instructional designer.

DSC_3661The portfolios in order of presentation:

Martin Briggs-Watson, Filmmaker: Film: “Cook Book”

Sharon Woodward, Filmmaker: Showreel

Stephen Trott, Designer: Designs for print, web, digital billboards

Deborah Taylor, Photographer/designer: Photographs from “French” portfolio

Daniel Gill, Film maker: Showreel on Clee Hills, Shropshire

Naomi Morris, Dancer/filmmaker: Film “Hello Japan”

David Henwood, Teacher/web designer: Website ‘Oxford Property Services’

Ollie Richards, Filmmaker: Film: “Ocean”

Aya Kasai, Curator: Symposium “Nothing in Art”

Rosie O’Dowd, Poet/filmmaker: Making film “Breaking the chains of poverty”

Zoe Broughton, Filmmaker: Films: “Chunk of Cheddar Cheese” and “Video Vigilante”

Barb Creed, Designer: Print: multi-lingual nature conservation books, magazines.

Greg Boyle, Filmmaker: 2 Showreels plus film: “Inner Shadow”

Arek Luczyk, Instructional designer: E-learning design

Rod Harbinson, Filmmaker/photographer: Photo essay “Irrawaddy Delta, Burma”

Thank you to everyone who took part in this first Portfolio Show-off Night. A very special thanks to Dariusz who managed the technology fantastically for presenters, thank you Dariusz!