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Report, March, report, March, report!

Here’s what you might have missed at last month’s meeting.

CSS3 Transforms and Transitions

Glenn Clarkson talked briefly about how the new CSS3 techniques can be used to add simple but effective transformations and transitions to a web page. He showed slides listing the transform syntax for rotation, skew and scaling along with the transition syntax for duration, delay and timing function.

He commented on the need for vendor specific prefixes in the mark-up as none of the current browser releases appear to support the standard only notation. Glenn also noted that the browsers still need to perfect the actual rendition of some of the effects as they do not always render as smoothly as a designer would like.

He then gave a demonstration of a simple application of transform and transition working on thumbnail images which enlarged with an ease-in ease-out timing function when rolled over.

Download the slidedeck from Glenn’s CSS3demo talk.

Efthymios (Tim) Chatzigiannis

Efthymios ChatzigiannisThe next presentation was exclusively dedicated to sound editing with Adobe Audition. Efthymios (Tim) Chatzigiannis talked about audio restoration and sound enhancement that can be achieved with the help of the application. He played sample audio files, that needed to be repaired for reasons such as distinctive background noise, hiss, clicks, clipping or simply needed an extra touch to improve the quality of sound. The list of filters and effects that he presented included Denoiser, Hiss Reduction, DeClicker, DeClipper and the FFT filter.

Next we could get more familiar with dynamic processing and listen to the results of application of different types of compression and limitation. During this presentation Tim talked about the advantages of usage of such effects for audio enhancement and also showed how to manipulate the settings to get the best results.

Next meeting: Thursday 19th April.

Thanks for listening.

March meeting – Thursday 15th

This month’s meeting of Digital Creatives Oxford and the Oxford Adobe Premiere and Post User Group will consist of the following

Glenn’s CSS3 Animations
Glenn will be demonstrating simple animations in CSS3 that can be used right now to improve the user’s experience on a web page.

Alun’s Android App Part III
Alun shows you how he finally forced some interesting content onto his Android phone using Adobe and non-Adobe products. An introduction to app creation for the interested enthusiast.

Main mystery speaker – to be announced.

We have some swag.

Come and listen, and bring along your ideas, chat with like minded professionals and enthusiasts. As always, attendance is free. If you come along, you’re in with a chance in our half yearly raffle for $2100 worth of Adobe software. If you speak at one of our evenings, you’re in with an even bigger chance, and you earn our love.

When: Thursday 15th March at 7.30pm

Where: OFVM Film Oxford
54 Catherine Street

Oh, and have you seen this 5 minute overview of Adobe’s history in typography on yet?