Monthly Archives: February 2012

February meeting summary

Here’s a quick summary of what some of you heard, and some of us missed in February.

First we had an introduction made by Glenn and Richard. Glenn talked briefly about the new update for Adobe Edge and new releases on AdobeTV. Richard played a Sundance video report on Adobe TV and gave a short introduction to Oxford Adobe User Groups, as we had a few new people in the audience.

Next Richard Wakefield talked about DSLR cameras and gave a few tips about colour grading. Richard started the presentation playing a short video explaining why he uses DSLR cameras for shooting video and after that he talked about advantages and drawbacks of using HDSLR equipment. Next he described and presented the gear he uses for his productions, including cameras, a choice of lenses, audio equipment and his favourite camera mounts (tripod, monopod, glidetrack, glidecam).  While showing his gear Richard also explained how he creatively uses different lens and types of shots in his productions, illustrating his talk with video clips.

In  the second part of Richard’s talk we had a chance to learn about the basics of the colour correction. We had a chance to hear from Richard what techniques and software he uses to get the desired look of his videos. Richard showed us how to control the image using vectorscope and waveform monitors in Adobe Premiere Pro and briefly explained how he uses the fast color corrector effect and Magic Bullet and Color Fixer Plus plugins. After that we watched sample videos and listen about how using blend modes, vignetting, colour gradients, mixing channels and colour contrast effects help in colour grading tasks. At the end Richard quickly showed us how he enhances audio, using dynamic processing effects and equaliser in Adobe Premiere Pro and presented us a music video, that he recently produced.