All things about that meeting in January that we just had…

Here’s a quick report from last week’s meeting.

Glenn Clarkson kicked us off with a great intro to some of the nifty CSS3 selectors. Ever wanted to be able to join in those dinner party conversations about pseudo-classes? Now you can!

CSS element selectors [83Kb PDF]

Dave Perry at Digital Creatives

Alun Ward then showed us how to use the devastatingly simple  HTML5 audio tag, and some examples of fine audio based web sites. Take a look at the links and notes.

Dave Perry (pictured, right), treated us to his awesome collection of microphones and talked us through the basics of recording decent audio for film.

If you liked this, get yourself booked on the highly recommended Location Sound course led by Dan Harbour at Film Oxford, Feb 25 and 26th.

The next meeting is on Thursday, February 16th, and will include Alun’s Android App, Part III.