After Effects Expressions with Dariusz Dziala

This Thursday the Adobe Groups bring you Dariusz Dziala talking about After Effects Expressions at OFVM Film Oxford.

He says: Expressions help to simplify post-production work in After Effects by replacing big numbers of keyframes with short lines of code. Expressions can be applied to object properties for example they can be applied to position, scale, opacity, rotation of layer, text, mask, light, camera. They can also be applied to any animatable property of effects.

The code used is simple and easy to learn or find. After Effects offers a lot of pre-defined expressions for different purposes.

Dariusz will use some of his  video work to illustrate how he use expressions to work faster and how to use expressions in a creative way. The video is on his website if you want to have a preview (,

The expressions in his video  are used to synchronise music with video properties (position, scale etc.) and other visual effects (hue, saturation, brightness etc). The aim is to improve the dynamics of the visuals and to give more punch to the overall feel about it.

When: Thursday 17th March
What time: 7:30pm (we usually finish up by 9:30pm with an optional trip to the pub)
Where: OFVM Film Oxford, 54 Catherine Street, Oxford, OX4 3AH
How much: Free free free
Dress code: Spring season

Call for speakers / performers
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