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Meeting this Thursday – February 17th, 7.30pm at OFVM Film Oxford

Iona Fabian

Clay figure for stop motionThis month the Adobe Groups bring you Iona Fabian, a Freelance Film-Maker and Animator. After completing Science A-levels, a year of Architecture and a Fine Art degree she found herself in the world of Corporate and Educational Video. Having worked her way up from graphics assistant to running the whole department she went freelance, and has had a varied career since then, editing, directing, special effects and teaching. With a strong leaning to the Experimental side of film-making, and a specialisation in teaching Stop-Motion Animation to children , she enjoys pushing boundaries, mixing old-school with  digital technology, and nurturing creative thinking.

Come and hear her talk about her work and maybe try out some animation!

When: this Thursday (17th Feb) at 7.30pm

Where: OFVM Film Oxford
54 Catherine Street

Cost: free

As usual, if you have ideas of your own about someone you’d like to hear / see speaking – let us know. Web, photography, illustration and design, coding, marketing, anything goes!

Digital Creatives Oxford + DW and JQuery

Oh yes, we’re renaming to Digital Creatives Oxford, which is a little bit less restrictive than having Dreamweaver in the name. Don’t worry we’ll still deal with Dreamweaver, and we’re still an Adobe User Group.

And just to prove that point, here’s a link to a new Adobe blog post and JQuery support in Dreamweaver and at Adobe. Subscribe to Dreamweaver Tweets.

Don’t forget, next Thursday we have filmmaker Iona Fabian coming to talk to us about stop motion animation. 7:30pm, at OFVM.

Geeks, Flash and more Flash

News, news and news!

Alun and Glenn will be attending Oxford Geek Night (OGN) Wednesday 9th February from 7:30pm at the Jericho Tavern. See you there.

John and Tim will be holding the Flash Oxford‘s first get together of 2011 at Far From the Madding Crowd, also on Wednesday at 7:30pm. It’s about a ten minute walk between the two or a four minute cycle, and you’d be crazy to drive it.

Meanwhile, @AdobeFlash are promising to release some helpful videos on developing Flash for multiple screens and devices.

Oh yes, and Alun is running a Flash course for beginners at OFVM Film Oxford this weekend.

In case you missed it, here’s a picture of Adrian Dodds receiving his Adobe raffle prize at our last meeting.

Local Businessman Wins Free Software

And finally, we have registered the domain