Wednesday meeting report

Thanks to those of you who turned out for Wednesday’s meeting.

And special thanks to Adrian and Margaret for their great talks. Margaret Thompson from Into Reality talked about SEO and mentioned a couple of tools to get you started.

And here’s a Google page with some helpful tips along with a link to downloadable PDF guide.

Adrian Dodds from Into Reality then talked to us about Adobe’s Business Catalyst – a combination of hosting platform and content management system for client sites, particularly focused on the ease of adding ecommerce to a site.

Three lucky people won some Adobe swag. We also had a chat about a rebranding of the group, since Dreamweaver Oxford really does not describe us. Oxford Digital Creatives was a popular choice, but get your suggestion in quickly if you have any other thoughts.

Adobe are also offering some unspecified prize if you come up with an Illustrator vector art file with a design for T-shirts to be given away as swag to User Groups in future. Just think, developers in Brazil could be wearing your cool design! Their stated communities are:

Creative Suite

The design has to work on a black or white T-shirt.

Coming up next:

Thursday 19th Feb – Filmmaker and trainer Iona Fabian will talk about stop motion animation, making it, teaching it and watching it!