Monthly Archives: September 2010

September 30th meeting – FOTB feedback

Yep, Thursday 30th September is our next meeting, and as predicted, it’ll consist of a summary of the stuff we saw and learned at the Flash on the Beach conference in Brighton earlier this week.

Lesley Clarkson will talk about how she used Adobe Illustrator in a client project recently.

Alun Ward will re-present Lee Brimelow’s session from FOTB on the new Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 add-on pack.

We’ll also look at the work of Robert Hodgin who gave an outstanding presentation at FOTB.

Check out his stunning animations at: and

Here’s a sample:

Bait ball from flight404 on Vimeo.

John and Tim from the Flash Group will then fill us in as to what all those developers at FOTB were actually talking about! Possibly.

See you Thursday night, 7.30pm at OFVM- free!

September meeting postponed until Thursday 30th

Sadly, due to a bereavement, Neil Copeman from the BBC is unable to come and speak to us this Thursday as expected.

Rather than fill in with some short, but great, sessions at the last minute, we decided to postpone the meeting until next Thursday (30th September).

By then,¬†Alun, John and Tim will have returned from Flash on the Beach in Brighton, bubbling with exciting Adobe news, so we’ll be able to let you in on anything new we learn there.

We do apologise again for this postponement, and hope you can make it along to OFVM next Thursday, the 30th September for our first autumn session.