Flash on the Beach : 20% discount

26th to 29th September 2010, Brighton

Flash on the Beach 2010

Adobe and Flash on the Beach have very kindly arranged for a 20% discount on tickets to this annual event – the biggest Flash conference of it’s kind on these seashores.

Tickets are normally £399 for a three day pass before 4 September – so you get it for £319.20 by my reckoning.

John and Alun from the User Groups will be going at least, so contact us if you want to get the discount code.

Here are some reasons to come from the FOTB website:

If you are a designer, developer, coder, student, manager, game developer, artist, animator or a newbie, then this conference is for you! Don’t miss this opportunity to see nearly 60 of the best minds in the industry, delivering 3 full days of awe-inspiring sessions, plus one day workshops that will give you in-depth training from the worlds best speakers!

Again we have another phenomenal line up of speakers. We also have the perfect place for them! We love our Brighton venue! The Dome has so much history, charm and character, we would be mad to use anywhere else, and are already looking forward again to the most exciting Flash conference for years!

Don’t think of FOTB as just another Flash conference. The Flash bit of the title is more a mentality or vibe than just software product. What do we mean by that? Well, Flash is one of the coolest web tools around. It breeds a vibe that sets it apart.

The Flash community is very supportive of each other. They share, talk, blog, help, experiment and share some more! They do not limit themselves solely to the product called Flash either. They design, create and deliver some of the best experiences on the web using a wide variety of tools and skills.

Don’t think that Flash on the Beach is only about Flash. Sure appearing at FOTB in the past we have had the usual suspects – Flash, Flex, AIR, and then some. Open Frameworks, Processing, AJAX, Photoshop, After Effects, Art, Design, Illustration, Animation, Sound and many more. Whether you are a tech-head or a creative, if you are a decision maker or a team manager, if you are in need of a fix of creative inspiration, or want to know the latest how-to’s, Flash on the Beach is where you’ll get it.

‘What Else Will I Get Out Of Coming to Flash on the Beach?’ is actually another euphemism for ‘What Do I Get For My Money?’ Fair question. OK, well if the exclusive access to 45 hours of video content is not enough, here are some more reasons that Flash on the Beach is your ‘must-go-to’ conference for 2010

  1. Nearly 60 of the worlds best speakers
  2. 45 presentations
  3. 5 workshops delivered by world renowned speakers [workshops sold out]
  4. Content packed sessions covering creative, technical, inspirational, business.
  5. More than 1200 attendees from all over the world
  6. Exclusive access to video of every presentation *(only available to attendees)

So, go ahead, contact us if you want that 20% discount, and we’ll give you the code.