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Next meeting: Thursday 20th May – OSMF

News from our chums at Flash Oxford:

Introducing the Open Source Media Framework with Jodie O’Rourke

The idea behind OSMF is to reduce the complexity involved in developing media players (particularly video players), and in doing so, lower the barriers-to-entry to allow many more developers to create unique and engaging players. OSMF aggregates fixes for many of the problems that other developers have toiled over, meaning you can build rapidly, safe in knowledge that your output will be stable. As a business, the standardisation of player development means that new developers should be able to join your team with relative ease, and become productive in less time.

Jodie will introduce the main features of the latest OSMF build and demonstrate some examples with code.


OFVM film oxford
54 Catherine Street
Oxford, Oxfordshire OX4 3AH

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