April meeting: Thursday 22nd, 7.30 @ OFVM

To celebrate the launch of Flash Builder 4, Adobe have sponsored this month’s meeting with free software prizes, T-shirts and pizza. We will be taking Flash Builder 4 for a test run. Let’s see just what Adobe have achieved with this new release in their drive to increase creativity and productivity.

After a short overview of the ever-expanding Flash Platform, we will have a live demo of Flash Builder 4. To liven things up Flash Oxford have challenged Dreamweaver Oxford to a design smackdown.   The task is to produce a web app in just 30 minutes from scratch (well, almost from scratch). How much easier, better, and sexier is Flash Builder compared to Dreamweaver and associated tools? Join a team and help John, Tim, Alun and Glenn avoid public humiliation!

This will be followed by free pizzas and the prize giveaways. (Please RSVP email@flashoxford.com with your pizza topping request).

Prizes this month

  • Two copies of Flash Builder 4 and Cold Fusion Builder 4 to be won.
  • Adobe quality T-shirts
  • Dreamweaver Oxford’s raffle: Adobe software to be won.*


Hope to see you at OFVM next Thursday night!

54 Catherine Street


Advance notice: the next meeting is Thursday May 20th – the Flash group has a visit from Jodie O’Rourke to talk about Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework.

And don’t forget, you can get a free trial of Flash Builder straight away, and you can pre-order Adobe CS5.



*Remember, for the Dreamweaver group, the more times you’ve attended this year, the more chances you have to win, and if you speak at an event, or introduce a speaker, you get yet more chances. You will receive a serial number for the single Adobe product of your choice up to a value of $2100.