Monthly Archives: April 2010

April meeting: Thursday 22nd, 7.30 @ OFVM

To celebrate the launch of Flash Builder 4, Adobe have sponsored this month’s meeting with free software prizes, T-shirts and pizza. We will be taking Flash Builder 4 for a test run. Let’s see just what Adobe have achieved with this new release in their drive to increase creativity and productivity.

After a short overview of the ever-expanding Flash Platform, we will have a live demo of Flash Builder 4. To liven things up Flash Oxford have challenged Dreamweaver Oxford to a design smackdown.   The task is to produce a web app in just 30 minutes from scratch (well, almost from scratch). How much easier, better, and sexier is Flash Builder compared to Dreamweaver and associated tools? Join a team and help John, Tim, Alun and Glenn avoid public humiliation!

This will be followed by free pizzas and the prize giveaways. (Please RSVP with your pizza topping request).

Prizes this month

  • Two copies of Flash Builder 4 and Cold Fusion Builder 4 to be won.
  • Adobe quality T-shirts
  • Dreamweaver Oxford’s raffle: Adobe software to be won.*

Hope to see you at OFVM next Thursday night!

54 Catherine Street

Advance notice: the next meeting is Thursday May 20th – the Flash group has a visit from Jodie O’Rourke to talk about Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework.

And don’t forget, you can get a free trial of Flash Builder straight away, and you can pre-order Adobe CS5.

*Remember, for the Dreamweaver group, the more times you’ve attended this year, the more chances you have to win, and if you speak at an event, or introduce a speaker, you get yet more chances. You will receive a serial number for the single Adobe product of your choice up to a value of $2100.