Next meeting: Thursday 25th March, 7.30pm

Adobe User Groups Oxford Thursday 25th March 7.30pm FREE EVENT

The three current Oxford based Adobe User Groups will hold a joint meeting where discussions and demonstrations will include:

Dreamweaver / Photoshop. For the Dreamweaver group, Alun will give a fabulous presentation about Prezi, the Flash presentation tool, using … Prezi, the fabulous Flash presentation tool!

Glenn will walk us through Adobe’s BrowserLab.

Flash. Flash Oxford will review the latest issues of Flash and Flex Developer Magazine (FFD).

Premiere & Post. Premiere & Post will give a demo on chromakey in Premiere & After Effects using key light plug-in, (including editing of After Effect compositions on the premiere timeline.)

In other news, Flash Builder 4 has now been officially released:

Hope to see you at OFVM on Thursday night!

54 Catherine Street

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