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Happy New Year – and 21st January meeting

Welcome back!

I hope you’ve all recovered from December’s session by now. There were even a few slices of pizza left at the end of that great evening! Thanks especially to the Brothers McLeod for a brilliant double act.

You’ll be relieved to hear that we have a date for the January meeting of the Adobe User groups. The Premiere and Post group are holding their first meeting on Thursday 21st January at 7.30pm at OFVM as usual.

Here’s what Richard Duriez and Gary Shenton (the manager and co-manager) have to say about it:


For the first meeting of the year the Adobe User Group Premiere and Post will be having demonstrations about particular aspects of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.

  • Using sound compression
  • Nesting
  • Blend function

We will also be looking at the amazing playback and rendering engine for Adobe Premiere Pro called Mercury Playback Engine.

For further information contact

Who should attend?

Those using Premiere Pro, After Effects and other Adobe post production software in a professional capacity.

So, even if you’re not involved in those products, regulars might want to come along and relieve some of the snowy gloom.

OFVM Adobe Groups page

Premiere and Post Adobe Groups page – sign up with your Adobe ID here.