This week – Friday 20th Nov 7:30 Meeting

In November at OFVM Film Oxford the Adobe User Group will focus on imaging software, and the Flash User Group are visited by Mike Ellis who will talk about LiveCycle.

Since the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe, they have been busy integrating the Flash and PDF technologies. The best example of this is their LiveCycle Enterprise Suite platform. Livecycle is a J2EE server based platform for delivering improved user experiences and document automation. It is an area that runs in parallel with the main developments in the Flash platform so this session will be of interest to Flash and PDF developers/designers alike.

The presenter, Michael Ellis, formally of Adobe Systems, has now set up a company focused on the use of Livecycle. He will explain what the platform is, how the underlying technologies are being used, and why this is very relevant to those interested in Adobe technologies.

Alun Ward will take us through the Adobe tool for editing images online and integrating with online photo collections like Flickr.

Glenn Clarkson will show how he created an award-winning presentation for a housing association using Illustrator, Photoshop and PowerPoint.

Bring along a friend or colleague, there will be lots of opportunities for networking with likeminded creatives.

OFVM Film Oxford are here:

P.S. A little local band promotion:  Les Clochards are performing free at The Chester Arms, off Iffley Rd, not too far away, from 9pm on.