Steve Newberry – October 21st Meeting report

We had a great night on Wednesday thanks to Steve Newberry who drove down from Adobe HQ to give us a whirlwind tour through some of the timesaving devices in Illustrator, Bridge, Photoshop and Flash CS4.

I noted down just two of the millions of tips, feel free to send in the ones you remember if you were there.

In Bridge, Ctrl-Space-B (PC) on a selection of images brings up the ‘cover show’ cycle of images full screen. Very nice.

Photoshop: zoom even when using the Hand tool on a pic by pressing Ctrl, phew!

Then we had a quick tour through Adjustment layers in Photoshop – for the casual user, which must still be me then.

Content Aware Scaling – a reminder of this amazingness. How many times could I have used that recently if I’d remembered it was there!

Examples of 3D  usage – only available in Photoshop Extended, however, along with video editing and medical imaging.

In Design: we had a pretty in-depth example of exporting an In Design document to SWF and to XFL format, an interchange format which brings all the design imagery and text through correctly preserved, ready to play with in Flash CS4. We looked at FLYP – a more complex online magazine format.

We watched a quick preview movie from Russell Brown about potential Photoshop developments. If you like his quirky presentational style, he’s all over the web.

Steve answered a bunch of your questions and was both helpful and entertaining, so it was a great night.

A reminder that the next User group meeting is on Friday November 20th, but there’s also a soft-launch of the Premiere User Group on November 12th also at OFVM.