Monthly Archives: September 2009

Chuck Freedman at Flash Oxford

Hot footing from Flash on the Beach in Brighton, Chuck Freedman from (the day job) talked about his microphone app for Flash which uses a C application and merapi (application by Adam Flater of Roundarch) which is a bridge between C and AIR, to talk to Flash.

The problem in Flash currently is that stereo microphone input is not supported natively, and that there’s really not much you can do with the audio feed other than check activity levels.

Chuck showed us a way to use a C application to analyse data from a stereo microphone attached to his laptop, and change values in a Flash application accordingly.

There’s some other fantastic stuff out there utilising microphone input, in particular everyone loved the microphone leaves SWF by Bartek Drozdz on Plug in your mic and try:

The work that Chuck has been doing will be up and Open Source very soon he promises, but in the meantime you can add your support in the call for Adobe to open up microphone data to Flash via the bugs site on Adobe. Read about the campaign at then sign the bug list at (You’ll have to register)

Thanks Chuck! His blog is at